Online Retail Shop UX Audit

Bathroom Store Ireland UX Project

  • Client: Bathroom Store Ireland
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Project Scope: UX Audit, SEO Consulting
  • Project Date: 2023
  • Website:

Project Overview

Introduction to Partnership: SEO Impact joined forces with a prominent bathroom supplies retailer in Ireland, aiming to refine their online user experience (UX) and bolster customer satisfaction.

Assessment of Challenges: An in-depth analysis of the retailer’s website unveiled specific obstacles that hindered a smooth user journey, pinpointing critical touchpoints needing enhancement.

Execution of UX Enhancements: Strategic redesigns were made to simplify navigation, along with the integration of intuitive design features. The checkout process was overhauled for simplicity and speed, while product descriptions were enriched with clarity and detail.

Outcomes of UX Optimization: The UX modifications yielded tangible results, with a notable rise in user engagement and a 20% increase in conversion rates, underlining the successful uplift in the retailer’s online performance through our comprehensive UX strategy.

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Bathroom Store Ireland
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