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From Northern Ireland and the UK to clients across the world, our SEO services focus on constructing a solid foundation for your organic traffic success.

We can help you with:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Link building

Hold on a second, what do you actually do?

On-page, content strategy, and off-page SEO – these terms can sound a bit confusing, can’t they?

So, let’s simplify what we actually do.

Our focus is to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in the products that you offer.

We achieve this by attracting organic visitors to your site and engaging them with relevant, well-structured content.

By optimising your website, we help Google:

  1. Better understand who and what you are about
  2. Connect buyers to your business by ranking you for relevant search queries

Upscale Your Online Business

You can pick and choose what areas you need help with and we are here to deliver ROI. We believe the single most important fact is that our clients need to make more than they spend and grow fast but steadily in an organic manner, for long term success.

Local SEO Services

Whether you are a single or multi-location business (or just want to target different cities but don't have actual offices), we will help you get in front of your target audience.

eCommerce SEO Services

The purpose of SEO goes beyond driving organic traffic to your online store. We help you convert that traffic and build a database of loyal customers.

Technical SEO

To rank and convert better, you need to have a well-structured, bug-free website. It's as simple as that. And this is where technical SEO optimisation comes into play.

Professional SEO Services for Your Platform – With Our Experts

A one-stop solution does not work in SEO.

Each platform has its own specifics. Yes, even custom-built platforms are not without limitations, which can depend on the type of framework they are built around.

We have experience with all major platforms, as well as fully custom-built solutions.

Our approach is designed to maximize the potential of your website, not to search for excuses as to why we can’t optimise it.

WordPress SEO Services

The goal of WordPress SEO services is to use the full potential of this popular platform.

Our first priority is establishing a stable platform. This not only reduces maintenance needs, but also paves the way for the introduction of new features, and directly enhances performance – a key ranking factor. Achieving a stable platform involves making smart decisions regarding the selection of a WordPress theme and plugins, always with the goal to maintain website performance.

Properly utilising flexible architecture of WordPress, we streamline your website to be more accessible and understandable to both search engines and visitors. This approach promotes higher rankings and simplifies navigation, which in turn improves visitor engagement and conversions.


WordPress is a powerful platform – when used right.

When used correctly, its robust features and customization options can significantly improve your website’s visibility and UX.

  • Stable platform
  • Proper architecture
  • Unique technical SEO capabilities

WooCommerce SEO Services

WooCommerce plugin brings with it both a set of complexities and potentials.

Therefore, it’s important to understand that unnecessary or poorly configured features can downgrade the effectiveness of this platform.

High-quality content and impactful product imagery, which would typically enhance your site’s UX and boost conversions, may not bring the expected results if hindered by these limitations.

Even the most basic technical SEO improvements necessary for improving your website’s visibility and traffic can become a complex task.


Suboptimal WooCommerce settings act as barriers, constraining the potential of your efforts and diminishing the output that you can achieve.

To leverage the power of WooCommerce, we focus on the features that directly contribute to the efficacy of your eCommerce activities.

  • Optimal configuration
  • Goal-focused features
  • Shift focus from constant fixing to reiterating successful solutions

Shopify SEO Services

Our Shopify SEO services are structured to harness the well-known reliability that this platform consistently provides.

Shopify is a platform that makes eCommerce simple. It’s a straightforward system to set up and use, providing an intuitive interface that business owners across the globe appreciate.

However, while Shopify’s ease of use is a good thing, the potential costs associated with optimisation can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

This is where we come in.

We provide a cost-effective solution that ensures your online store isn’t compromised by high optimisation costs.


Our services ensure each page on your site is unique and adds value, which significantly enhances your store’s search engine performance.

In essence, our services aim to:

  • Transform your website into a scalable solution
  • Capitalize on its customization potential
  • Leverage third-party app ecosystem

Squarespace SEO Services

It’s no secret that, to an extent, Squarespace doesn’t support some of the advanced SEO operations such as sitemap optimisation, editing canonical URLs, hierarchical structure implementation, and schema markup.

However, with our expertise, we can navigate these limitations.

By creating a  solid website architecture and an optimised URL structure, we can significantly improve your website’s SEO performance.


Whether you plan to continue with Squarespace (or are thinking about migration to another platform), we facilitate a seamless transition or optimisation.

  • Focus on often neglected low hanging fruit for fast results
  • Focus on working with the platform, not plugins
  • Making great content – something that SquareSpace makes easier, not harder.

OpenCart SEO Services

Our OpenCart SEO services are designed to provide the same level of control and flexibility as dedicated SEO platforms or content management systems, ensuring that your online store can achieve optimal search engine optimisation results.

While OpenCart may initially appear to lack advanced features necessary for robust SEO, this is not the case if you leverage the existing technical and on-page configurations effectively and prioritize the proper display of high-quality content as a crucial aspect of your SEO efforts.

By implementing a smart approach and utilizing the platform’s architecture, you can effectively communicate your most important keywords, convert visitors into customers, and nurture their loyalty for repeat purchases.


We focus on driving organic traffic, improving CTR, and enhancing overall visibility for your online store through:

  • Re-gaining control and flexibility
  • Proper use of achievable features
  • Smart website architecture

PrestaShop SEO Services

Our PrestaShop SEO services aim to effectively leverage the extensive range of built-in features that are a part of this highly customizable eCommerce platform.

We have one primary goal: to eliminate the stress of navigating through PrestaShop’s modules, allowing you to focus on leveraging the platform’s outstanding feature – its capacity for endless customization.

With PrestaShop, even the simplest online store can be transformed to align perfectly with the unique scope and requirements of your online business. What truly sets PrestaShop apart is its outstanding scalability options, which let you grow your business at a pace that suits you. Recognizing this, we believe that investing intelligently in strategic SEO is a key to success.

By effectively using PrestaShop’s built-in SEO features and leveraging its capabilities to display great content in an easy-to-crawl, easy-to-digest way, you are setting a solid foundation for the growth of organic traffic to your site.


When combined with proper SEO, a highly reliable platform like PrestaShop can significantly boost your online sales.

  • Use the right modules
  • Leverage its performance
  • Optimise product display pages

FAQs about SEO Services

What proportion of my budget should I dedicate to investment in SEO services?

Allocating a budget for SEO services depends on factors like industry competitiveness, business size relative to the target market, specific goals, geographical market, current website condition, and in-house SEO capabilities. Businesses typically spend 5-20% of revenue on marketing, including SEO. It's essential to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy, focusing not just on SERP rankings but also on user experience and conversion rates.

Could you please elaborate on what is typically encompassed within SEO services?

The exact mix of services, which may range from actionable audits to on-page and technical SEO services, along with the focus of your SEO strategy, will be tailored according to your unique business needs and objectives.

Why is it beneficial to engage external professionals for SEO services instead of managing it in-house?

Outsourcing SEO can enhance time efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on core operations, and often yields better results due to the agency's expertise, tools, and focused strategies. It's also cost-effective compared to the expenses of an in-house team and necessary tools. Additionally, professionals can avoid common SEO mistakes that might otherwise harm a website.

What kind of return on investment can I anticipate from engaging in SEO services?

The ROI from SEO services varies based on factors like industry, keyword competitiveness, website status, SEO quality, and time investment. Benefits include increased organic traffic, higher quality of visitors, more sales or leads, and cost-effective customer acquisition. SEO enhances user experience and brand authority, offering a high long-term ROI. While ROI can be calculated using a specific formula, it doesn't fully account for indirect benefits like improved brand visibility and user experience.

Clients - Make a Difference

Throughout our professional journey, we have not only served as a trusted digital makreting experts but helped brands succeed in areas of customer acquisition and retention, efficient customer services and increased sales.

Brian Savic
Brian Savic Newcastle, Australia

If you are in need of an excellent WordPress & SEO Experts, I highly recommend SEO Impact. I have worked with them over the past 6 years on several projects. They are attentive to details, prompt with delivery and creative. Team has an excellent ability of implementing ideas and concepts.

Jonas Nyström
Jonas Nyström Sweden

I have consulted Branislav many times, mostly as a freelancer building WordPress sites/applications for external clients. Branislav is incredibly coherent. He quickly evaluates and realizes your needs and always envisions – and implements – the best possible solution.

Jeff Maietta
Jeff Maietta Portland, Maine

I owe a great deal of my success as a Portland, Maine entrepreneur to the invaluable guidance and expertise provided by SEO Impact. With their support, I have been able to establish and grow four thriving businesses, each with its unique characteristics and requirements.

Shane Deubell
Shane Deubell New York, US

We formed a partnership with SEO Impact, and their commitment to our website and clients shines through in all aspects of their work. We value their meticulous attention to detail and the innovative approach they've taken to make our new venture a vibrant presence online.

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