SEO and AI: A Game-Changer in Site Audits Yet to Change the Industry

SEO and AI

The online industry is growing exponentially, and there is a demand for experts at all levels. In certain aspects, it appears that AI may be the only viable solution.

Specifically, AI is expected to prove invaluable and irreplaceable in the following aspects:

This is because it’s often not feasible to expect a person to consistently produce engaging, well-structured, and useful content, regularly perform fixes, and swiftly develop new features without compromising the site’s performance. We can say that even the definition of SEO has changed.

However, right now, AI in SEO is only as good as the person using it.

Content Creation

There are clear limits. The so-called revolution in content creation doesn’t quite hit the mark for top-notch content yet.

The main issue is with how AI understands keywords and the suggestions it makes. A savvy SEO person knows that not every keyword suggested by SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner is equally important. They’d pick the right keywords for different parts of the site and know how to tag them correctly.

Given all this info in a clear way, along with specific details about the business, service, or product, AI tools can churn out decent content. But it almost always needs a human once-over. Primarily, this is because AI content still cannot surpass an author’s creativity. And it’s okay for some websites, like local business sites. Google isn’t going to punish sites for using AI-generated content.

Don’t hold your breath for an AI to spit out a captivating “how to fix my WooCommerce SEO” guide with perfect visuals, though.

Site Audits

The next big thing we’re waiting for in site audits is the ability to fix problems automatically after the SEO audit.

Today, SEO pros lean on tools like SEMrush and Screaming Frog. Some say SEMrush is too pricey, and Screaming Frog isn’t great for beginners. Even with their good reputations, you’ve got to be pretty skilled to get the best out of them and make your website flawless. Thus hiring a technical SEO expert remains an inevitability for many.

Where these tools, and all the rest, fall short is they don’t tailor their checks and advice to the kind of site you have—be it an online shop, a local business, a magazine, or a forum. They also don’t think about the specifics of the platform you’re using, like WordPress or Shopify. They should offer tailored advice for each platform.

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Incorporating these features into existing site audit tools would be a highly welcomed first step.

Next is to link the audit tool directly to your site so it can fix issues for you. Imagine it could sort out all your broken links, or hook up to Google Search Console and fix crawling mistakes by putting in the right redirects as needed.

This would be huge. It would save webmasters a lot of time they spend on boring tasks and let them work on making the site better for visitors instead.

Creating Targeted Features for Websites

The rise of AI isn’t a threat to developers because we won’t need them. It’s that soon we might just ask an AI to whip up a plugin for us, for whatever we need, like a special offer at checkout or something that does what a premium SEO plugin does. Right now, plugins and apps are the go-to, often at a steep subscription cost.

And a lot of plugins have too many features. They can make your site slow and undo your other SEO work. Maybe AI can solve this by making simple, one-job plugins.

In the future, developers might worry that AI is taking their job and handing it out for a cheap monthly chatbot subscription. But that’s just another challenge to adapt to.

Embrace the future of SEO audits with AI through our innovative approach. Our SEO Services integrate cutting-edge AI to revolutionize your site’s SEO strategy. Are you prepared to lead the industry?

Branislav Nikolic
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